The Right Dental Cleaning

Get a Pearly White Smile With Right Dental Cleaning 

Dental cleaning is a must for every person. Dental cleaning is not just about using your toothbrush properly every morning and night. It means, one should visit a good dentist from time to time for dental cleanings. A family dentist in Guelph is well trained to provide efficient and non-invasive dental cleaning services at very economical rates. Moreover, regular follow ups are also an integral part of dental cleanings so that your teeth look beautiful and healthy. 

Why Dental Cleaning Is Important?

Basically, dental cleanings are done to remove plaque or tartar from the tooth. Plaque is a soft, sticky bacteria infested film on the teeth. Both plaque and tartar appear on the surface of the tooth over time. Saliva contains calcium and other deposits that strengthen and protect the teeth. On the other hand, the same calcium deposits also build up on the surface of the teeth. This substance is usually similar to the color of teeth and weakens the roots if left untreated, which can easily become a home for bacteria and result in other dental problems. Being close to the gums, bacteria can even result in tooth decay. 

Dental cleaning is carried out so that the surface of teeth is clean and shiny. A clean and shiny surface lessens the chances of bacteria sticking to it. This way, you can keep your teeth clean and healthy with regular dental care at home. Prophylaxis is the professional term which is used for dental cleaning. It is a Greek term which means To prevent beforehand’. Dental cleaning is usually painless. What most people feel is the tickling sensation and numbness for a while. 

A reputed and experienced family dentist in Guelph uses state of art facilities for dental cleaning. There are a lot of different methods used according to the needs and requirements of the patients. Some of them have been listed here:

Ultrasonic Instrument - This instrument uses vibrations. These vibrations loosen the tartar and plaque so that they can be removed easily. This device also sprays water so that a proper temperature is maintained. You should always ask the dentist to stop if you feel the tickling is unusual or higher intensity. 

Hand Tools - Once the plaque and tartar pieces have been loosened, precision tools are used to remove small pieces from the teeth. Hand tools are usually curved to match the shape of the teeth. These tools help in removing small deposits by generating a moderate amount of pressure. 


3) Polish - The next step that a general dentist in Guelph would do is to polish the teeth. This is the most important step of dental cleaning. Polishing does not take much time and it is done once the cleaning process is over. A slow hand piece and a soft rubber cup are used for polishing the teeth. 


4) Fluoride - Fluoride also helps in cleaning the teeth. The dentist may even advise you to do regular mouthwashes as a part of your domestic dental care. Unlike other healthcare products, Fluoride is available in many different flavours like mint, cherry, strawberry etc. Besides mouthwashes, Fluoride gel can also be rubbed or placed over the teeth for a while. 


In order to make sure you get best facility treatment, it is imperative to choose only a reputed and experienced family dentist in Guelph. You can conduct a small online research to find out the top dentists in your vicinity or neighbourhood. You may also seek recommendations from your friends and families for the same. 

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