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A routine dental examination and teeth cleaning services are essential for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. General dentistry Guelph offers a wide range of general dental services including X-rays, routine examinations, inlays/onlays bleaching, filling, ceramic crowning, and many more to its customers. We continually strive to provide quality services using the latest techniques, equipment's, and materials to ensure that we provide the highest level of treatment to all our patients.

Services offered by general dentistry Guelph:

General dentistry services are preventive in nature, which means problems like cavities are prevented from developing in the first place. Some of the services offered by general dentistry Guelph includes 

a. Oral examinations and diagnoses:

A complete oral examination is done using minimal radiation x-rays to detect tooth decay, jaw joint health, periodontal diseases, and so on. Also, photographs are taken to show the patient what the dentist sees. 

b. Regular dental hygiene:

Maintaining a good dental hygiene is a very complex task for many people. But, in general taking proper care of gums and teeth isn't a big issue. With a daily routine at home and twice yearly visit to a general dentist will keep your mouth clean and make your smile attractive for a lifetime. 

We provide personal consultation for our patients regarding their medical status, mediations, diet, and history of tooth decay and fluoride use. Our treatment recommendation includes hygiene appointments, frequency of exams, and use of fluoride and calcium phosphate varnishes for lowering patient's risk for oral diseases. 

c. Teeth fillings:

Cavities are unavoidable, no matter how good your dental hygiene routine may be. However, cavities are treated easily when detected during the early stages. The decayed tooth can be strengthened and preserved by the use of teeth fillings in conjunction with other general and cosmetic dental practices. There are different types of dental fillings used such as, white dental fillings, gold, porcelain, composite resin, mercury, and amalgam.

d. Dental inlays and Onlay:

Dental inlays and onlays are used as an alternative to dental fillings for addressing issues relating to tooth decay. Additionally, they are also used in the treatment of dental fissures and cracks in instances where dental crowns are not required. 

e. Dental crowns:

Dental crowns are used in a number of general as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures. They act as a solution for a number of dental issues like strengthening a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, protecting teeth against infection following a root canal treatment, covering a tooth with large dental filling or with significant decay, covering a dental implant, holding a dental bridge in position, and enhance the appearance of an uneven or misshaped tooth. 

f. Dental bridges:

Dental bridges secure a dental crown into the space left by a missing tooth. Benefits of dental bridges include improved esthetics, restoration of speaking and chewing abilities, evening out of bite tension, and prevention of adjacent tooth slippage. 


General dentistry services are very important to maintain healthy teeth and gums in an individual. Frequent visits to our general dentistry Guelph, allow us to offer professional cleaning services and to detect even the tiniest dental issues before they become more complex. 



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