The Invisalign Procedure

In cosmetic dentistry Waterloo practices, there is an alternative quickly exceeding the popularity of metal braces. Invisalign is a transparent dental aligner made from polyurethane plastic that does not require bonding or cementing like clear and metal braces. One of the features Invisalign in Waterloo wearers find most advantageous is that this dental aligner can be removed while eating, brushing teeth or attending important events. Other benefits of Invisalign are the:

- Ability to enjoy crispy and hard foods.

- Comfortable fit provided by the aligner's soft and flexible material.

- Discreet appearance of the aligner.

- Prevention of teeth grinding.

The Invisalign Process

Once the dentist and patient decide that Invisalign is the best choice for the patient, the dentist will use specially designed computer software to create a tailored, multi-step alignment plan. Invisalign gradually moves the teeth to the correct position by applying firm pressure similar to the method used with braces. Usually, movement is divided into several stages. Each stage requires a different, customized set of plastic mouth trays made by the Invisalign manufacturers; the tray sets are worn for approximately two weeks. The patient receives a new set after those two weeks until their teeth are straightened. In total, most patients go through dozens of stages over the course of one year.

Special Designs for Young Patients

There have been some recent developments to the Invisalign brand, which have created a better fit for teenage patients. Now, teenage cosmetic dentistry Waterloo patients receive Invisalign trays with eruption tabs. These tabs hold open a space where the patient's molars will eventually grow. In addition, Invisalign has solved a common problem seen in teen wearers by integrating compliance indicators into the trays' material. These indicators fade with wear, showing the patient, his parents and his dentist whether or not the aligners are being used as per the dentist's instructions.

Proper Oral and Aligner Care

Patients must be vigilant about practicing good oral hygiene while using Invisalign. This is simple to do since the trays can be easily be removed. As always, patients should brush their teeth after eating a snack or meal. The buildup of bacteria, food and plaque in the aligners and on the teeth can directly cause gum disease and tooth decay. It is important to take care of the dental aligners too by brushing the trays and rinsing off any residue with tepid water. .


Although there are differences between wearing braces and transparent aligners, the straightened teeth must be retained after the treatment is complete. So once a patient completes the Invisalign system, he must follow the dentists post-treatment instructions for retaining the correct alignment. In most cases, post-treatment involves wearing a retainer for a specified amount of time.

While this system is not appropriate for every alignment issue, Invisalign has successfully straightened the teeth of more than one million patients to date. Thanks to the consistent development of Invisalign's clear aligner technology, dentistry in Waterloo continues to improve. Complicated malocculusions, commonly called misalignments, that were once only fixable with more invasive techniques can now be corrected with Invisalign trays, giving people even more teeth straightening options. 

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