Easiest Way To Enhance Your Smile

One of the easiest ways that you can enhance your smile and have a greater impact on the people that you meet, is by whitening your teeth.This is partly due to the fact that many people perceive an individual with a bright pearly white smile as someone that is youthful, radiant, happy and healthy. Unfortunately though, due to the misconceptions about teeth whitening in Guelph Ontario, many people assume that if they do this, then it will lead to a loss of strength within the teeth which will in turn cause them to become more fragile. In all actuality though this is far from the truth. 

Whenever someone thinks of the concept of whitening your teeth, many people associate that with bleaching. Due to the fact that bleach within itself is a naturally corrosive substance, some people believe that bleaching your teeth can cause it to corrode the enamel, or protective layer of the teeth. But the bleaching solution that you utilize in your home is different from the bleaching solution that dentists utilize and research demonstrates that, bleaching or any whitening procedure for that manor, only affects the color of the teeth and has no adverse effects on the health of the teeth. 

Modern Technology 
Due to the many advancements that the medical community has made, many dentists utilize hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

How Is The Teeth Whitening In Guelph Ontario Procedure Done ?
When it comes to whitening your teeth via carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, the first thing that the dentist will do is to polish the teeth with pumice, which is a grain material that effectively removes plaque from the entire surface of each individual tooth. When the teeth have been polished, the dentist will isolate your teeth with gauze so that it remains dry during the entire procedure. In most cases, the dentist will utilize retractors as well so that the bleaching agent does not come into contact with the tongue, gumline, lips or cheeks. 

Once this has been done, the dentist will apply either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide on the surface of your teeth and utilize a curing light to activate the solution. Once that is done, the solution will be left on the teeth for approximately 30-60 minutes. Once the required time as passed or the optimum shade has been achieved, the teeth are then rinsed with water and then layered with fluoride to ease the sensitivity that some people may face during the procedure.

Side Effects 
Many of the side effects that are associated with teeth whitening are minor to say the least. It's worth noting though, that everyone is different, while some people may experience multiple side effects, some may not experience any. Some of the side effects may include: 
* Increased level of sensitivity for up to 24 hours. 
* Minor irritation of the gumline. 
* Redness of the gumline. 

Other than that, there are practically no other side effects whatsoever. 

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