Causes and Types of Tooth Attractions

Tooth extraction is the process of complete extraction of tooth from a tooth socket in the bone. It is also called tooth removal. Most of the dentists in Guelph try to fix the damaged tooth with a crown, filling or some other appropriate treatment. However, there may be a lot of damage and the tooth may have to be removed or extracted. In order to prevent any infection from spreading, a dentist has to extract a tooth if it cannot be repaired with some non-invasive treatment. 

Common Causes of Tooth Extraction

At first, most dentists Guelph try to save the natural decayed or damaged tooth. However, due to excessive damage, the dentist may ask you to make a difficult choice, and your tooth may have to be finally extracted. After tooth extraction, you may be prescribed some antibiotics to relieve some pain. Let us tell you about some common causes of tooth extraction or tooth removal. 

Extra Tooth - An extra tooth might be blocking permanent teeth from coming in. An extra tooth can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Therefore, it needs to be extracted. 

Space for Permanent Tooth - Baby teeth should fall out and make space for permanent teeth. In case baby teeth don’t fall out, they need to be extracted. 

Improper Orthodontic Treatment - Sometimes, orthodontic treatment may also lead to extraction of tooth. A dentist may have to extract a tooth in order to make space for misaligned teeth which would eventually move into place. 

Infection - Some decayed or damaged teeth may lead to an infection. In order to prevent an infection from spreading, such teeth need to be extracted. 

Infected Molars - Sometimes, molars can be infected or decayed. They may even get stuck in the jaw which prohibits them from coming in. This may cause severe swelling, pain and discomfort. As a result, they have to be extracted. 

Basic Types of Tooth Extractions

Basically, there are two types of tooth extractions : 

Simple extractions - Simple extraction is used for teeth which are clearly visible in the mouth. General dentists Guelph can easily take care of simple extractions. A dentist will use a special instrument, known as an elevator, to loosen the tooth. After this, the tooth will be extracted with forceps. Tooth extraction cost for this method is usually not much. 

Surgical extractions - Surgical extractions can be complex. Surgical extractions are carried out when a tooth has broken off at the gum. Thus, they are usually carried out when a dentist is unable to see a tooth in your mouth. In a surgical extraction, a small incision is made in your gum. 

Sometimes, a dentist will remove a part of the bone around the tooth which needs to be extracted. A dentist may also cut the tooth in half before extracting it. Surgical extractions are usually carried out by oral surgeons. However, in some cases, they may even be carried out by general dentists. 

Tooth extraction may cause some discomfort and pain. The level of tooth extraction pain depends on how difficult it was to extract the tooth. Therefore, you should visit your dentist several times for follow ups until you feel normal. 

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